Kompasz Kemping is located on the banks of the Moson Danube in the small town of Novakpuszta, a district of Kimle.

This is in the western part of Hungary, about 20 minutes from the Austrian and 15 minutes from the Slovakian border.

Kompasz Kemping, Kimle (Novakpuszta), Iskola utca 2, 9181 Hungary

How to get here

🚗 from Vienna: 15 minutes from the M1 Mosonmagyaróvár/Szombathely motorway exit.

🚗 from Budapest: 15 minutes from the M1 Mecsér/Lébény motorway exit.

🛶 Kompasz Kemping is located between Kimle and Mecsér on the left bank of the river behind an island. You can get to the campsite from either side of the island.

🚂 Train station “Kimle Károlyháza” or “Mosonmagyaróvár” and from there by taxi (Taxi Zöld) or by bus, which unfortunately only runs twice a day.

🚲 Along the Danube and follow the signs.

🛸 Oh, Hello.